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About the Polokelo (Catalogue)

The BAQONDE Polokelo is a repository of multilingual resources (including dictionaries, glossaries, terminology lists, teaching-learning material such as teaching videos, etc.) to assist teachers in teaching multilingually and students in learning in their mother tongues.

Become a contributor to the Polokelo

We are looking for individuals and organisations to participate in the development of capacity for first‑language teaching-learning in South African education institutions by contributing multilingual resources such as dictionaries, glossaries, terminology lists, etc. to this repository.

The resources contained in the Polokelo consist of material voluntarily provided by various contributors. BAQONDE is not responsible for the reliability, correctness, completeness and/or accuracy of such material. BAQONDE shall accept no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever (whether direct, indirect, consequential or other) arising from the use of the Polokelo resources. | The Polokelo may provide links to other websites owned by third parties, which websites are not under BAQONDE’s control. BAQONDE therefore cannot take responsibility for information contained on such websites.
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