The collaborative network of African Language Development UNITS (ALDUs) plays a fundamental role in training lecturers on innovative/multilingual methodologies and coordinating the development of materials both for teachers and students to be able to teach and learn multilingually. In other words, this network will foster the implementation of top-down nationwide strategies to guarantee more inclusive and legitimate access to Higher Education.
African Language Development Unit

North-West University

The NWU’s ALDU is situated within the Language Directorate of the University. It is affiliated to and cooperates closely with the Centre for African Language Teaching for Setswana, which is situated in the School of Language Education in the NWU’s Education Faculty.

African Language Development Unit

University of KwaZulu-Natal

The University Language Planning and Development Office (ULPDO) is located on the Ground Floor of the Francis Stock Building in Gate 1 at the Howard College of UKZN in Durban, in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Our ALDU, as the ULPDO is integrated within the University Teaching and Learning Portfolio, will work with the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture, Pan South African Language Board and other BAQONDE Project partners, that is locally and internationally.

African Language Development Unit

Rhodes University

Our ALDU is located in the School of Languages & Literatures Building, and it will work closely with the African Language Studies Section of the School, the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) and the NRF SARChI: Intellectualisation of African Languages, Multilingualism and Education.

African Language Development Unit

University of the Western Cape

The ALDU at the University of the Western Cape will be located in the Centre for the Advanced Study of African Societies, and will support institutional efforts aimed at promoting the educational use of African languages.